Current members

Global Credit Data was established in December 2004 as a loose affiliation of 11 major banks. Since then membership has grown to 55 member banks across Europe, Africa, North America, Asia and Australia. GCD Members are ‘owners’ of the association, and data, and have a prominent role in steering the strategic direction.  This ensures GCD activities are member-centric driving the ‘by banks for banks’ credo.​










How to become a member

Global Credit Data welcomes and encourages new members. Global Credit Data membership is open to any financial institution that has a demonstrable capability to collect and deliver data which is compatible with the data of other members of the association. A special emphasis lies on the compatibility of the default definition, where Global Credit Data members use the Basel III definition.

The basis of the membership agreement is to adhere to the Articles of Association and to the internal rules of the Association, called Data Pool Regulations. Only corporate bodies – in practice registered banks – can be members.

Every new member is required to participate in an assessment of their ability to supply data of the required quality to Global Credit Data prior to the approval of their application for membership by the Global Credit Data Management Board.


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