"By banks, for banks"

Through the active participation of its Member banks, Global Credit Data provides an international forum for exploring the intricacies of credit risk management and sharing of best practice. The Association works on a ‘Give to Get’ basis: rather than “shareholders’ value”, the active participation of its Member-banks creates “membership value” for each one’s immediate benefit.


The three decision making bodies / committees: 

Committee Role
General Meeting of Members 
  • Discusses and adopts the annual accounts
  • Appoints and releases Board members from liability
  • Approves the annual budget
  • Holds all other powers in the Association that are not vested in the Board or the Methodology Committee

 Members only: Login to our member website and consult the library on all presentations / resolutions discussed in the General Meetings of Members so far. 

Board of Directors
  • Determines the strategic direction of the organisation
  • Monitors the data agent and the service providers
  • Promotes relationships with other key associations and new memberbanks
  • Publishes analytics and fosters academic research
  • Prepares and submits an annual budget for approval to the General Meeting of Members 

 Members only: Log into our member website to consult the Annual Report of Activities for more information.  

Methodology Committee
  • Sets, implements, reviews and improves GCD's data collections and datapools
  • Designs and maintains the suite of supporting documents 
  • Determines measures to continuously ensure a high data quality  
  • Reviews and approves all analytics on GCD's databases
  • Prepares and submits changes to the data pool regulation to the General Meeting of Members

 Members only: Log into our member website to follow the decisions in the Methcom as well as in its subcommittees

















The decisions of the Board of Directors are carried out by the Executives of GCD. 



Living "by banks, for banks"

Global Credit Data always welcomes and encourages new committee members. Any member can apply to join the Methodology Committee (Methcom), the subcommittees of the Methcom or any working group at any time. Board members get appointed by the General Meeting of Members for a term of 2 years. 


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