Legal & Financials

Global Credit Data is incorporated as not-for-profit registered Association domiciled in The Netherlands under Dutch Law. This structure ensures that the aim of the Association is focused on providing benefits to its members as a result of their active participation; this means creating membership value, rather than shareholder value.

The activities and services provided by Global Credit Data are defined in

Data is pooled by the member banks in Global Credit Data on the basis of confidentiality, anonymity & comparability. The member banks remain owners of their own data but give a perpetual license (right of use) to the Association. Once aggregated, the data becomes a distinct data-set, which is owned by the Association, i.e. the Member-banks jointly.

The Articles provide that members of GCD must be legal entities (not persons) who are involved in financial services and able to share compatible data.  Each member company gives power to one of its employees to act as a voting delegate in GCD's General Meeting of Members.

Article 20 of the Articles of the Association further defines for the organisation the 

  • Financial Year
  • Annual Report and
  • Annual Accounts.

The most recent Annual Report to the General Meeting of Members describes the current strategic activities, GCD's major projects and the Treasurer's report / Annual accounts of GCD (available for members only)..

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Global Credit Data is a non-profit organization controlled by its members. Members can access our library for more information on our Annual Accounts and the Regular Activities Report as discussed and approved by the General Meeting of Members (select "Reports & Financials"). 


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