Share with Peers (Asia Pacific): best practices to address Covid-19 Impacts

Share with your Peers on challenges and best practices to address Covid-19 Pandemic’s Impacts
09 June 2020 08:30 to 10:30 CEST

Online GCD member roundtable: Upgrading of Risk Models, Reduction of Portfolio Risk Exposures and Refining the Pandemic Stress Testing Framework

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  • Agenda:

A - COVID-19 lockdown: is re-opening driving markets now?

  • Pandemic/macro-economic outlook – to date
  • Initial and next government policy responses, supervisory guidance for prudential/accounting metrics (Reg Cap, ECL)
  • Economic and financial transmission mechanisms
  • Dislocation/Recovery for key sectors : Healthcare, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Trade Finance, Transportation, Aviation, Oil, Retail Trade, Hospitality, Travel, Entertainment


1. Risk Measurement and Modelling Assumption in Crisis/Re-Opening Context

  • ​Governmental support and defaulted obligors: postponed regulatory compliance?
  • Upgrading of risk models, Re-examination of assumptions built in risk models
  • Down-turn impacts on recovery processes
  • Regulatory guidance to addressing procyclicality during this crisis

    2. Banks’ actions on portfolio and balance sheet management

  • Active portfolio and balance-sheet management: selling of underperforming assets
  • Mobilization of collaterals with central banks
  • Restructurings, Additional drawings

3. Refining the pandemic stress testing framework

  • Pandemic scenario: incorporating epidemiology and infection spread assessments, anticipation of shutdown measures
  • Quantify pandemic scenario’s impact on portfolio relevant economic/financial drivers
  • Model conditional rating transition matrices to project impact of economic/financial drivers on banks’ portfolios or segments
  • Quantify NPL from stressed risk profile
  • Quantify DT Losses
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