Webinar "Benchmarking CECL estimates before Day 1 implementation"

07 February 2019 17:00 to 18:00 CET

The year 2019 will be a busy one for all US Banks. With banks, standardsetters and regulators still engaged in a debate about what implementation of the CECL standard for Day 1, there are only 11 month left before public firms “go live” on CECL. The principle-based nature of the standard means that the remaining time needs to be spent on testing assumptions and validating approaches. For many banks, attention is on finalizing implementation plans and to kick-start the parallel run.

GCD has partnered with Accenture and the IIF to help U.S. financial institutions benchmark their CECL models in this critical phase and beyond Day 1 compliance. 

We offer all financial institutions (global banks, community banks, regionals banks, specialty financer, insurers, ...) to benchmark their ECL estimates on a standardized portfolio. Implementation of similar approaches (e.g. IFRS 9) proved that it is important to not stay siloed: knowing where your ECL estimations are in comparison to your peers allow you to act fast and ahead of the game.  

The excercise will include various scenarios, including a stress scenario. In the last weeks, a core group of banks has designed the template, tailored it to the US market and developped the roadmap for 2019.

Please listen to our webinar (which was originally held on February 7th, 2019) where we communicate

  • the exact timelines in Q1/Q2 2019
  • the setup (template, FAQ, etc)
  • the expected detailed data return 

  and answer questions from the industry participants. The webinar material can be downloaded here.

Note: Interested participants in the study should also download the DRAFT TEMPLATE (registration and login required - see upper right corner), which is open for public review up till the FEBRUARY 14TH, 2019







Expected loss modelling under IFRS 9 / CECL
Zoom Call
Juan Calcagno (MUFG Union Bank), Steven Maglic (Regions Bank), Soner Tunay (Accenture), Daniela Thakkar (Global Credit Data)
Contact Person: 
Daniela Thakkar