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FAQs on GCD membership Philip Winckle, the Senior Policy Advisor and former Executive Director of GCD, introduces the benefits of a GCD membership in a short video
FAQs on data quality Data quality is key to Global Credit Data. Our activities are setup to continuously improve the quality of data in terms of correctness, completeness and comparability. 
FAQs on data submissions GCD's data collections run through a high-security data portal operated by Cap Gemini. 
FAQs on the LGD & EAD platform General questions on the LGD & EAD Data collection.  
FAQs on the PD & Rating platform General questions on the PD & Rating Data collection.
FAQs on the Benchmarking platform General questions on the Benchmarking platform collection.
FAQs on working groups GCD is a member driven organization and its governance is based on committees, working groups and focus groups 



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