FAQs on data submissions

GCD has a recognised track record re data pooling while ensuring data quality, security and confidentiality.

Q: How has GCD set up its data collection process and ensures the appropriate level of data security? 

A: Global Credit Data engages an independent Data Agent to assist in collecting and sorting the large quantities of data and the ongoing monitoring of data contributions. The Data Agent is Capgemini working in collaboration with SAS, who supply the software platform and aggregation tools. Cap Gemini also ensures anonymity of contributions and undertakes standardized analyses and reports for the benefit of all member banks. Data will be transmitted only by encrypted and secured protocols and processed by mature data portal with embedded validation rules. Our data transmission hosting platform is tailored to the requirements of our financial services contributors.

Q: How can member banks submit data?

A: Members can do a submission during the submission cycles ("in cycle submission") or - after discussion with GCD Executives - outside the submission cycles ("out-of-cycle submission"). In order to do a submission, the members are preparing their data first in the appropriate format and then upload the data on to the data portal https://www.globalcreditdata.net. Members can run as many trial submissions as they want. In case they choose a firm submission, the data will be checked and audited by GCD Executives (see for more details the FAQs on data quality and our Data Quality Approach). 

Q: How can I get access right to the dataportal?

A: Please contact Hale Tatar or Michael Dhaenens.  

Q: My browser does not show any information when I click on the link to the dataportal? 

A: In order to ensure that only member banks can access the portal, GCD and Capgemini make use of the IP whitelist method. This method involves creating a list of the public IP addresses used by each member bank and then checking to make sure that for each logon attempt at the portal it is coming from inside a member bank. Please check your IP adress (for more information see our IP whitelist information) and communicate your IP adress to our Cap Gemini support: globalcreditdata-support.bnl@capgemini.com



Link to the data portal: