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On 27 May 2021, GCD launched its first event in the Middle East and APAC region. 

This event was a huge success, with a great lineup of speakers. In case you missed it, here is a  short summary of the GCD Middle East APAC Conference

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A short summary of the GCD European Conference


The Asian Development Bank (ADB), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Global Credit Data (GCD) are conducting this survey to identify global market gaps in trade finance. The survey will help policy makers, regulators, and financial institutions better understand gaps and opinions on how they can be closed.

PRESS RELEASE - December 1, 2020

Latest report from Global Credit Data highlights need for unresolved defaults to be incorporated into modelling process


The D/U ratio is calculated as the count of rating downgrades over the count of rating upgrades for a lender during a specific period. It captures the assessment of banks’ risk profile, as they assess it with their internal ratings. As such, it is a forward-looking view on banks’ projections of the crisis.

PRESS RELEASE - October 22, 2020

Latest report from Global Credit Data analyses the impact of economic downturns on loss given default

Results show that banks can weather the negative downturn effect by adapting their workout strategies