Assessing the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis: GCD ready to support the industry efforts to model and analyze the financial impact of the outbreak

As banks are adjusting their pandemic stress-tests GCD stands ready to run relevant drill-downs and analytics through the data to provide any insights that could help the industry. 

Financial research institutes, such as the Institute of International Finance, are clear: the COVID-19 pandemic crisis will hit the economy, resulting in sharp downgrades of small and middle-sized companies, especially in the BBB - rated segment, and a raising liquidity risk for oil & gas companies, utilities, high-yield markets, aviation, shipping and the hotel industry 

GCD's data is strong - with data submitted by more than 50 banks worldwide, covering more than 20 years of history and various business cycles in the named industries throughout the time.

Analyzing those data allows banks and other industry participants to extract and understand minimum and maxima loss levels and train and adjust models in order to better project the crisis development. 

GCD Executives can help in analyzing - Do not hesitate to reach out to discuss your specific views.