Trade Finance Survey

The Asian Development Bank (ADB), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Global Credit Data (GCD) are conducting this survey to identify global market gaps in trade finance. The survey will help policy makers, regulators, and financial institutions better understand gaps and opinions on how they can be closed.

The ADB is an AAA-rated multilateral development bank owned by 68 governments. Its mandate is to reduce poverty in Asia and the Pacific. Instruments ADB uses to carry out its mandate include loans, guarantees, equity investments, technical assistance, and policy advice.


Your participation in this survey is important. There are 23 questions and the survey should take about  30 minutes to complete. Where exact numbers are not available, please use estimates.

Please direct this survey to the appropriate team in your organization.

Link : Survey

For a hard copy of the survey, please find it attached below. 


Please submit your response before 30 June 2021

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Thank you for your time and effort!