GCD LGD Report Large Corporates


PRESS RELEASE - April 2nd, 2019

For the second year running, Global Credit Data releases extensive analytics on loss given default, confirming the positive results from 2018

GCD is currently concluding a yellow page agreement with various consultant firms who have been working with GCD in the past and are knowledgeable about GCD's data model and/activities. For our members, this will lead to more dedicated studies, focus and working groups. And our newly created Yellow Page section on our website will ease the contact between those partners and the banks. 

The year 2019 will be a busy one for all US Banks. With banks, standardsetters and regulators still engaged in a debate about what implementation of the CECL standard for Day 1, there are only 11 month left before public firms “go live” on CECL. The principle-based nature of the standard means that the remaining time needs to be spent on testing assumptions and validating approaches. For many banks, attention is on finalizing implementation plans and to kick-start the parallel run.

GCD is growing further and is seeking as of now a new North American Executive (based in North America) and a new Operations Executive (based in Europe).

For more information, please consult the job description of the North American Executive and the Operations Executive

  • The long-term agreement will strengthen the breadth and analysis of the ICC Trade Register, the banking industry’s leading data source for risks in global trade and export finance
  • Global Credit Data will oversee the collection of banks’ credit-related data, with the next Trade Register report produced by ICC and the Boston Consulting Group to be released in early 2019

PRESS RELEASE – 15 August 2018


New Head for GCD


Global Credit Data has appointed Richard Crecel from Société Générale as its new Executive Director from September 2018, following retirement of Philip Winckle

GCD will be working with Accenture and the IIF to help U.S. financial institutions benchmark their CECL models as they are developed. For this purpose, GCD has rolled out a deep methodological survey, providing banks the opportunity to benchmark their methods. We plan to follow the survey with a benchmarking exercise to commence in the early fall. More information can be found here:

With more than 170 people, GCD's European Conference has once again outreached its goals. We shared knowledge, exchanged ideas and got insights in the latest developments on credit risk management. 

For those members who could not join: save the date for the next conference in New York on September 24th/25th, 2018. 

Click here for more impressions of our GCD conference in Stockholm on June 11/12, 2018 (login for members required)

GCD has a strong position in the United States with the largest US banks being a long-term member and delivering data to GCD’s databases.

Last month, Goldman Sachs joined as member and is now starting up the onboarding process.

The multinational investment bank and financial services company will further contribute to the global coverage of GCD’s data. 

GCD LGD Report Large Corporates

First ever report of extensive analytics on LGD data highlights high recovery rate for banks on defaulted debt from large corporate borrowers

Global Credit Data has released its LGD Report 2018 – the first ever examining the Loss Given Default (LGD) for banks lending to corporate borrowers with a turnover of more than €50m. The report finds that banks, on average, recover 75% of debts owed by large corporate borrowers after default and confirms the hitherto untested principle that seniority and collateral drive low rates of LGD.