Bank of Montreal's membership means that the cream of the Canadian banking industry are now members of GCD.  Members receive detailed data for LGD/EAD and PD model support which is coded by country, so the addition of a sixth Canadian bank means a richer data return of Canadian, North American and global data.

Bank of Montreal is GCD's 52nd member.

With more than 100 people attending, Global Credit Data's third North American conference has been GCD's largest conference ever.

As usual the conference was a mix of presentations and discussions around the LGD, EAD and PD databases as well as credit risk modelling and measurement methodology discussions. If you are interesting in the content, please have a look at our LIBRARY (after log in) . 

GCD's membership has now reached 50, with new members CIBC and Raffeisen Bank International joining in March 2016.  GCD 's membership is more geographically representative of the global banking market, with 15 members in North America.