GCD Yellow Page

A new section to inform members about knowledgeable consulting firms working with GCD

GCD offers a yellow page agreement with partners who have been working with GCD in the past and are knowledgeable about GCD's data models and/or relevant activities.

The "Yellow Page section" on this website will ease the contact between those partners and the banks. 


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fcg_0_0.png www.fcg.se

FCG is a leading Nordic advisory/GRC Advisory firm with experts in risk & capital management, compliance and financial regulation, credit process and credit management, finance & treasury, IT & Information Security, advanced analytics and internal governance and control.

Various projects (among others: project management for the implementation of GCD's Benchmarking platform, Machine Learning code on GCD's LGD database) 

Jimmi Brink


+46 766 35 05 02