GCD Yellow Page

A new section to inform members about knowledgeable consulting firms working with GCD

GCD offers a yellow page agreement with partners who have been working with GCD in the past and are knowledgeable about GCD's data models and/or relevant activities.

The "Yellow Page section" on this website will ease the contact between those partners and the banks. 


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fcg_0_0.png www.fcg.se

FCG is a leading Nordic advisory/GRC Advisory firm with experts in risk & capital management, compliance and financial regulation, credit process and credit management, finance & treasury, IT & Information Security, advanced analytics and internal governance and control.

Various projects (among others: project management for the implementation of GCD's Benchmarking platform, Machine Learning code on GCD's LGD database) 

Jimmi Brink


+46 766 35 05 02


accenture.jpg www.accenture.com Global, leading consulting firm with focus on technology and real innovation in the financial sector Accenture and GCD jointly run the CECL Benchmarking Exercise

Soner Tunay

Principal Director

Quantitative Analytics Lead


elephantventures.png https://elephantventures.com Elephant Ventures is a leading Data-Driven Innovation and Digital Transformation consultancy and Venture Development Studio. Elephant has a heavy engineering background and for the last 16 years has been rapidly transforming businesses by leveraging data, software and advanced analytics. User Research, Design, and Buildout of the Interactive LGD/RR Dashboard (IDB) and creation of the building blocks of the GCD cloud API data ecosystem

Art Shectman